Tips For Installing Welded Sheet Vinyl Floors

welded sheet vinyl flooring

Many people are turning to welded sheet vinyl flooring because of its many advantages. It is the easiest type of vinyl flooring to install and if properly installed can last for many years. Some special features welded sheet vinyl flooring has that other types don’t have

welded seams sheet vinyl flooring is much easier to repair than glued down vinyl tiles. By re-solder the seams and reheat welding, many people have been repairing these small tears over the years. In this video, you’ll learn the ins and outs of heat welding and how to do it yourself without having a professional do it.


The first step in heat welding a vinyl sheet flooring joint is to identify where the joint ends. Mark the vinyl joints with pencils or pens so you know where they need to be placed when you heat weld the vinyl sheets. Then take your soldering gun and heat weld the joints. You may need to place some filler wire in the joints to help hold everything in place.

You want to make sure that you welded vinyl sheet flooring seams heat welded not just because you want to save time but because you want to make sure that the joints are strong enough to support the weight of your entire floor. You don’t want to have a weak joint and have problems walking on it. Make sure you use both hands to weld the seams. It can be hard to see the joints at times with the heat welding process.


If you find that there are areas of your floor where you think the sheet might be weak you need to add additional reinforcements before you start heat welding the sheet. You should never start welding on the first panel until you have added all the reinforcement needed. Adding in extra panels before you heat weld the floor can weaken the sheet. You also want to make sure that you only weld what is necessary to cover the seams. For example, if you see two panels with a couple of holes in them you don’t want to heat weld those holes because you’ll weaken the sheet.

welded sheet vinyl flooring

Extra Tips

When you weld a vinyl sheet you want to use an angle grinder. The angle grinder can be used to cut the vinyl and it will make the cut easier because it has a smaller cutting wheel which allows for precision cuts. The angle grinder will also make the sheet look more uniform, which will make it look better when it is installed. You will have a nice smooth flat surface when you install your vinyl sheet.

After you have installed the sheet you can then work with it using a heat gun or a blowgun to seal the seams. If you welded the sheet using a heat gun you will want to hold the sheet up with sheets of cardboard so you don’t weld the bottom of the sheet with the heat gun. You can then attach Velcro to the edges of the floor. You can also track down the sheet with another layer of cardboard to keep from sticking to the floor.

A typical sheet vinyl installation takes about three hours but it may take longer depending on how much flooring you have to work with and the type of floor you have. When you first lay the flooring strips you should stand on the floor and get them hot so you can apply the adhesive to the sheet. After you apply the adhesive and press it into the sheet, you should place it on the floor and then heat it using a heat gun to seal the seams.